IEBC Update on 3rd Week of Mass Voter Registration Exercise

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How IEBC Performed on 3rd Week of Mass voter Registration Exercise

IEBC released the following statement for the progress of its 3rd week of mass voter registration exercise.

Mass Voter Registration Exercise data

The Commission recorded 2,164,185 applicants for registration as voters in the third week of the month long campaign. This is only half the weekly target (50.54%).

Clarification on eligibility for the Mass Voter Registration Exercise

The IEBC undertook fresh registration from 19th November, 2012. Anyone who registered between that date and now is in the register and does not need to register again. This includes those who voted in the 2013 General Elections.

Mass Voter Registration Exercise for Universities and Colleges

The Commission plans to register the youth in institutions of higher learning from 8th -14th February, 2017. The target institutions are those with students from various parts of the country. To succeed in this exercise, the Commission relies on the support of the administration of these institutions and the respective student leadership.

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IEBC wil allow the students to register for any registration centre of their choice countrywide. The list of institutions and the BVR kits allocated are available at the Commission’s website.

Mass Voter Registration Exercise of Prisoners and Diaspora

The Commission will register Prisoners in all the 118 prisons from 20th -27th February, 2017. Prisoners will be able to register for centres of their choice countrywide. The Commission has developed regulations that will see Prisoners vote only for the Presidential seat in the 2017 General Elections.

On Diaspora participation, the Commission will register voters in the four East African countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda) and South Africa. Considering the logistics and constraints of time, the Commission saw it prudent and tenable to start with these countries. The law allow for progressive registration and voting by Kenyans in the IEBC will include diaspora and more countries in future.

Mass Voter Registration Exercise in By-election areas

IEBC will conduct by-elections in Maji Mazuri/Mumberes (Eldama Ravine, Baringo) on 22nd March, 2017. The Commission will declare Mr. Jaoko Alex of ODM the winner in Kanyamkago Central (Uriri, Migori) since he is the only candidate.

Voter registration will start immediately in Kanyamkago while in Maji Mazuri/Mumberes, voter registration will start shortly after the end of the MVR campaign on 14th February.

Shared IDs

The Commission wishes to confirm that out of 128,926 voters reported as sharing ID
numbers in the register, it confirmed a total of 50,174 National Identification Numbers to be legitimate and hence accepted as part of the register.

The Commission has now published the remaining 78,752 voters with shared National Identification Numbers. The list includes 21,149 records that bear the same ID numbers and same names and 57,603 records whose ID numbers did not match the National Registration Bureau records we had submitted for verification.

Persons whose names appear in the list should visit the IEBC Constituency offices where they registered to verify and correct any discrepancies that may exist. Those who will not have verified and corrected their records within 10 days from February 6, 2017, run the risk of having IEBC expunge their names from the register of voters.

The details of the shared identification numbers are available at the IEBC website or at the Commission’s constituency offices across the country.

The making of a register of voters

After the registration of voters all enrollments will go through a process of matching. This is the comparison of the finger prints and the details of the voter (names, ID nos, address). The matching process is to ensure that no one is registered more than once. This gives a preliminary register of voters which IEBC uses to inspect the register.

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The inspection period runs for one month from 10th May to 10th June, 2017. IEBC will print the initial register and avaik it in all registration centres for voters to confirm the correctness of their details.

IEBC officials will avail forms for changing particulars for those who may find errors in their details. After doing all corrections, IEBC will certify the register and avail it to the public including posting on the Commission’s website.

IEBC will not extend the Mass Voter Registration Exercise

IEBC urges all those who have not registered to do so. The exercise closes on 14th February and there will not be any extension.

George Gĩthĩnji is a political and social commentator. Twitter @EpikKenyan
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