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www.epickenyan.comMy aim with this blog is to help as many people as I can to understand current political and social issues in Kenya in an open, insightful, informative and impartial manner.

I do this by sharing, in detail, opinions. I don’t just give opinions, but facts, and sometimes, stories and experiences. There is a lot you can learn from here. I am completely transparent and unbiased in sharing everything relating to the topics I write in this blog.

I firmly believe that people crave for information, but many times, what they get is not the right information. They get information that misleads them or which adds up being propaganda, especially on political and social issues. I am sure that, by reading this blog, you can get the answers you crave for and also learn something new.

The topics this blog covers are:

  • Politics – all matters politics, especially the workings of the national government.
  • Devolution – Devolved Governance under Chapter 11 of the Constitution, with a bias on the county governments.
  • Budgets – which focuses on public finance issues in Chapter 12 of the Constitution.
  • Social – which focuses on social issues in Kenya such as corruption, issues that affect women and youth, and LGBT rights.
  • External – Guest posts and posts I collect from other online sources that relate to the niche covered by this blog.

For the readers of this blog, it promises information that is in a simple language to understand with ease. Like Aristotle says:-

To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man.

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I’m Githinji; political and social commentator, researcher, writer, blogger, fact checker, budding budget analyst and an ocassional civic educator.

Day to day, I’m a member of the fact checking team at PesaCheck.org in Nairobi, Kenya. I help in research and fact checking work by coming up with weekly researched articles based on claims made by various people, media houses, or institutions, especially in the field of public finance.

Apart from this blog, you’ll see my name as author of several articles within pesacheck.org, the-star.co.ke, monitor.co.ke, and roggkenya.com. I have been blogging for the past five years and I have learnt how important it is for people to learn something new and hear relevant information. Being able to provide that kind of information to people is something I’m truly passionate about.

Apart from work, I enjoy spending quality time with movies and TV series, listening to music, reading other peoples’ blogs, having deep coversations and hanging out on social media and YouTube.

I’d like to chat with you. Send a note my way here or follow me on Twitter @EpikKenyan. I can’t wait to hear from you!