Jubilee and NASA are Manipulating Kenyans for Selfish Gains

And why voting for them is like letting hyenas write a proposal on how to protect goats

The Supreme Court of Kenya delivered a historic ruling that nullified the August 8 elections. As usual, the case has had its detractors from several political sides and political forces.

The Court had a big task to redeem the image of the elections that were full of controversy. Through its ruling, it entrenched democracy and upheld the rule of law.

The case also brought brought into question the credibility of international observers. they had labeled the elections as free and fair only for some of them to retract their message after the ruling.

From their comments, it appears that the independent observers ticked the voting and counting of the votes as transparent. The elections lost credibility in the transmission of the presidential results.

Despite that, many Kenyans voted in the August 8 elections. IEBC declared President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the election with 54.27 per cent of the votes. However, with the Supreme Court decision to annul the election results, Kenyans went again to the ballot on October 26.

Those who did not vote

Perhaps those missing from the discussions on the elections are those who did not vote. Precisely, those who made a conscious decision not to vote. Yours truly is among the latter.

There are a number of reasons why I decided to stay away from voting on August 8th and October 26. Just as voting is a right that the Constitution guarantees, so is the opposite.

It is not a secret that we have a leadership crisis in Kenya. The same leaders that we are used to are the same that lead the pack. The third force of politics is practically weak. The candidates who appeared to represent the third force trailed behind by a big margin. Yet, many Kenyans way of voting is very predictable.

Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters. ― Abraham Lincoln

Majority of Kenyans do not vote based on issues. Rather three things take centre stage. These are ethnicity or tribalism, popularity and euphoria. The fourth one maybe is herd mentality. In groups, people think as a herd and block any chances of thinking differently. This has killed any chances of having prudent politics in the country.

Personally, since 2013, I have always stayed away from the two dominant political forces at the moment. These are Jubilee Party and the National Super Alliance (NASA). They have metamorphosed into their current state and look different from how they were back then. However, isn’t this a case of same forest same (or different) monkeys?

Engaging with the two sides is like taking part in a danse macabre. This is the dance of death. Literary, it is death leading people to their graves. Both sides represent death and they are taking Kenyans with them to their political graves. Yet, this season of politicking is just temporary and Kenyans will realize with no time that it will soon end.

Same caps but different colors

Nevertheless, why do we have a leadership crisis?

There is something I noticed with the current election period that was different from the last elections. In 2013, both political camps were somehow equally bad. However, this has changed with the 2017 elections where many people have sanitized one camp. But which camp is this that has suddenly become clean?

That side happens to be NASA and in particular, Raila Odinga. Using the fictional biblical story of Joshua and equating Raila to him as a saviour fits into this narrative. NASA becomes the vehicle to take Kenyans to the ‘promised land’. The current regime under Jubilee thus depicts Egypt and slavery, the source of Kenyans misery.

This analogy shows Kenyans are tired of the current regime. Under the leadership of Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, Kenyans have suffered. The cost of living is high, bad leadership prevails and the government is borrowing heavily leaving the country with a huge burden of debt. In such a situation, bitterness leads to desperation.

Many Kenyans are desperate and this means that both Jubilee and NASA exploit this desperation.

On one hand, Jubilee is selling ‘development’ as hope. It is desperately holding on to a weak straw despite its sheer incompetence.

On the other hand, NASA is selling false hope that cannot sustain Kenyans in the long run.

“False hope is a terrible thing, if its the only thing keeping you alive you’ll be dead by dawn.”
― Charlie Rae

NASA is only clean on the outside. Like Jubilee Party, it is rotten on the inside because people have sanitized it only on the outside.

With both camps being full of reprobates, it is only wise to choose neither. It is false for Kenyans to think that they can experience development with either of them. That is similar to granting hyenas the responsibility to write a proposal on how to protect goats.


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George Githinji
George Githinji
Githinji is passionate about devolved governance and public finance. He also comments on topical issues in Kenyan politics and society. In addition, he manages the @UgatuziKenya platform.


  1. Which Kenyans are you talking about? Talk from your political perspective. Who does not know where we were and where we are. It is only from one individual who will never be satisfied, period!

  2. Why is it that when you criticize Jubilee, you have to mention NASA? You talk of Uhuru and Ruto, and how they have mis-msmaged the economy/country, and yet NASA appears?

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