Why Uhuru Kenyatta does not Deserve a 2nd Term as President

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Why Uhuru Kenyatta does not Deserve a 2nd Term as President

There are many reasons why Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve a 2nd term as president. To know him better, you need to look carefully at his unspoken language. He makes this language clear through his signs and actions. You cannot observe this language if his oratory and perceived honesty and sense of charisma awes or blinds you.

People have called him the “people’s president” and believe everything he says. They do not interrogate what they see or hear from or about him. He has amassed a large group of supporters and sycophants alike. The sycophants are especially full of hero worship and see or hear nothing wrong about him or his administration.

Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve a 2nd term as president despite the numerous campaigns he is doing. He has been traversing certain regions of the country with his deputy to try to find or sustain public support. He hopes that he will win the 2017 presidential elections and rule for another five years. His deputy William Ruto will then take over for the next two terms.

Yet, people hate and love him with an almost equal measure. He carries himself in a way that what people see is a facade of himself. Majority of those who oppose him do so on the basis of what other politicians say about him. He has a whole PR team that creates propaganda to convince the public to support him continuously.

The propaganda team operates from State House under the guise of presidential communication team. It has a vast outreach, especially in social media. It works day-by-day to generate positive stories around the presidency and maintain the false facade.

Uhuru Kenyatta does not Deserve a 2nd Term as President

People are accustomed to the side of the president that loves to mingle with the public. He even throws publicity stunts to try to appear as a common person, and rocks certain silk shirts during such escapades. Uhuru is a perfect example of the pigs in Animal Farm.

He is a political figurehead

Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve a 2nd term as president because he is a figurehead. Rather, he acts as if he is a political figurehead. He has all these constitutional powers and holds such an important office yet he appears powerless. It is as if he is a president in name only and executes very little actual power in reality

He has made his figurehead status public a number of times. The recent one is when he made rants about his inability to fight corruption. He made a grave mistake by asking people what they expect him to do. Being the president, he should know well that the buck stops with him. He should stop shifting the blame to other institutions and take responsibility for his failure.

No one has tied his hands. He should stop blaming the law and blame himself and those in his government. The law decentralized some powers from the presidency to prevent authoritarianism and promote accountability. Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve a 2nd term as president for crying foul. He is not up to the task and should leave the position to someone else deserving of it.

He runs a puppet government

Cartels run Uhuru Kenyatta’s government. He even alleged there are corrupt cartels in his own office. These cartels have allegedly held his government hostage. He cannot fight corruption or ensure accountability ostensibly because of these cartels.

The cartels have infiltrated his government’s ministries, departments, and agencies. They are in charge and embezzle public resources. If these cartels run the government, then Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve a 2nd term as president. He can just retire and let the cartels continue running the government for him since he has admitted failure. It seems he is running a puppet government controlled by cartels masquerading as government ofiicials.

He is a poor manager

Under Uhuru Kenyatta’s watch, the country’s public debt has tripled. The government has been borrowing at a very alarming rate. The debt rose from one trillion to three trillion in less than three years. Yet, the massive borrowing does not translate to accountability or value for public money.

We are yet to know how the government spent the Eurobond. The Jubilee government is borrowing heavily from countries like China leaving the burden to the taxpayer to pay back. Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has practically auctioned this country to the quagmire of debt.

Uhuru Kenyatta does not deserve another term as president because he is not able to manage the country. He is just joyriding in State House at the taxpayer’s expense. Add that to the failure to control his own government and you get a very poor manager who needs firing.

He does not respect the rule of law

In many instances, Uhuru Kenyatta has shown Kenyans that he does not respect the law. He has no regard for the Constitution except when it suits him.

For instance, he paid sh1.4 billion to Anglo-Leasing cartels without parliamentary approval. He also ordered police recruits to report to Kiganjo police training college despite a court order that barred them.

In the latter case, the High Court made a ruling regarding corruption claims during police recruitment exercise in 2014. High Court declared the whole exercise null and void because of rampant corruption, nepotism, and ethnic favouritism. The president tried to manipulate the situation after the infamous Garissa University attack to have the recruits report to college for training.

He said that he would take responsibility for the order. That also meant that he took responsibility for disobeying the law. He tried to disregard and overrule the Judiciary without considering the law. Luckily, the National Police Service Commission refused to tow the line and asserted its independence.

He plays a role in undermining independent commissions and offices

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also shown disdain for the Judiciary and tried to undermine it in every turn. He blames the judiciary for failure to act on corruption and terror suspects. This is an outright case of a pot calling the kettle black. He uses parliament to do his bidding and fight his proxy wars. The commissions have felt the wrath of his government through direct and undue political interference.

The biggest culprit has been the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). Others include the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and the Auditor General. He even recently threatened the Auditor General and warned him against tracing the Eurobond trail overseas.

He undermined the powers of the National Police Service Commission in the recruitment of the Inspector General of Police. Parliament gave him the exclusive powers after he signed the amendments into law transferring the powers to him.

The judiciary has advised him before to respect the independence of these commissions. This relates to the time when he gave EACC an altimatum of 60 days to take action on suspected corrupt officials. The court said that no one person should control or influence the commission.

Therefore, giving Uhuru Kenyatta another term as president is a waste of time (and votes). There is a time when he blames Raila Odinga and the opposition for his tribulations. He is still a political greenhorn who needs to be sent packing.

George Gĩthĩnji is a political and social commentator. Twitter @EpikKenyan
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  1. Kitu kimoja kinamrudisha uhuru nyuma sana. He talks much about NASA. We don’t want to hear that every time, instead we wanna hear his agenda to the people of Kenya. Aachane na NASA wafanye mambo yao.

  2. Hii ni kali, but it’s true he is not deserve to become a president at 2nd term anymore,he is doing nothing for Kenyans from the day he took power

  3. Its time for a fresh blood in leadership to steer this country forward but as much as we complain that leader x or y isnt fit, we need to ask ourselves who voted them in? The obvious answer is us kenyans. Lets vote in people who are competent enough and am sure this debate of who is fit and who isnt wil be a thing of the past.

  4. I think he even didn’t deserve one term, leave alone the 2nd term. How I wish Kenyans will one day rise up and say enough is enough and get such names like Kenyatta, Odinga etc from power and bring in a new crop of leaders who are dedicated to serving Wanjiku whole heartedly.

  5. As always Bwana Githinji, you are putting the spotlight on the real story. The 'men behind the curtain' are clearly steering the ship, but the Captain must speak to the crew and reassure them that he is in control. Some of the decisions being made by the current administration clearly demonstrate zero input from the economists, finance experts, and lawyers that populate the higher levels of office. They betray the simple naivety, greed and ruthlessness of the ruling elite. But worry not, the Pope is coming, and all will be forgotten soon…


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